We understand the impact domestic abuse has on women’s self-esteem, their confidence, their ability to manage their daily lives, and their ability to look and plan for the future.   Our counselling service can help you understand yourself better and come to terms with what has happened to you.
Our counselling service is free to local women who have experienced domestic abuse.  We offer a minimum of 12 sessions.  A free créche is available if required. 
Our counsellors are fourth year student or recently qualified counsellors. Our student counsellors are supported by Heather Smiles an Integrative Humanistic Counsellor, MBACP who has many years working with survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.  Our evaluations have shown that over 90% of our clients described the relationship with their counsellor as very good to excellent.
If you would like to refer yourself for counselling please speak to us on 020 8661 1991 or email us and we will explain in more detail how the service works and how we can support you.
The service is free but we do ask for a donation.

Freedom Programme

The Freedom Programme is a 12 week group course designed for women who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse.  The programme helps women – make sense of what has happened to them; recognise the characteristics and early warning signs of abusers and abusive relationships; and how children are affected by being exposed to this kind of abuse – and very importantly how their lives are improved when the abuse is removed.
You can refer yourself to this programme by contacting us on 020 8661 1991 or email us we can then explain in more detail how the service works and how we can support you. 
More information can be found at

Support Groups

We run support groups twice a month for women who have completed the Freedom Programme.  These group are facilitated by a qualified counsellor and crèche facilities are available.  Women find this ongoing support invaluable and many still need crisis intervention which is provided by our facilitator.
Volunteers provide a court buddy system to support women who are going to court to give evidence.  This is not intended to replace the Witness Service but to plug the gap when no resources are available.  Women are also offered support if their children are the subject of care plans.
There is also online facilitated support via WhatsApp groups for each programme and a private Facebook page where women can share and receive support. 

 English as a Second Language Classes

Our English as a Second Language classes are available for women who have basic English and want to improve their language skills.  The classes also help to reduce women’s isolation and help them achieve personal goals whether this is wider friendships or finding employment. 
The majority of women rate our classes from very good to excellent.  After completing the course women tell us they have improved their English language skills, are more confident and less isolated.
The classes are free and a free créche is also available. 
Please contact us on 020 8661 1991 or email us for further details.  We are happy to receive contact from someone who can speak on your behalf.

Women’s Writing Group

The Women’s Writing Group meet once a month. The group is welcoming and committed to supporting each other’s creativity. The group is a safe and encouraging space where writers can share their material, receive constructive feedback and discuss ideas. 
Please contact us on 020 8661 1991 or email us for more details.

Parenting Workshops

We know that being a mum can be hard work. As we deal with the chaos of the morning school run, tantrums in the supermarket, and then trying to calm things down at night we can often find ourselves under pressure and left feeling that
there must be a better way.
Our workshops are designed to support you as you deal with these day to day challenges. Helping you build your own self confidence in being a mum and providing you with helpful advice and tips.
Please contact us on 020 8661 1991 or email us for further details. We always welcome new ideas for workshops so please contact us if you have any.

Step-by-Step Computer Training & Job Club

It can be difficult to access information, jobs and services if you do not have access to, or the digital skills to operate computers and the internet. At our free step-by-step Ann (Digital Champion) and Esther (IT Colleague) will guide complete beginners through the basics and beyond; or work with you at your own pace to improve your basic digital skills.
We have a welcoming IT suite and you are welcome to use our Windows 10 laptops or to bring your own Windows device. You can also use our free Wi-Fi and printing facility.  
They can also assist if you are looking for or returning to work, or changing your career path by helping you register with online employment agencies, creating a LinkedIn profile, writing a CV that will get you noticed, helping with job applications and giving good advice for interviews.
45 minute computer sessions run every Wednesday between 11am and 3.30pm.
Booking is essential by calling 020 8661 1961 or email us.

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