Sunday March 5, 2023

Cryer Arts Theatre

All day celebration of, and for, women: more details coming soon. 



Tuesday March 7, 2023

7pm - 10pm    International Women's Day Panel

Sound Lounge, Sutton.

More details coming soon.



Last year's events included:

Art Exhibition    

Cure Your Cravings

Bring chocolate, cigarettes or wine to this session and let Karen Savage from Be Epic show you how to cure your cravings. Emotionally Focussed Therapy or Tapping is great for stress management. Join us and tap away stress, painful emotions, worries and self-sabotage. Relieve physical pain and raise self-esteem. Free of charge. 

Art workshop for families

Children are welcome but parents must be responsible for them. Spaces are limited so please book in advance. Free of charge. 

Inspirational Women - a talk from Mary Forlenza
Mary, an entertaining speaker will tell us about those women who have made a difference to our lives today.  

Beautiful You! - a talk from Sarah Edwards-Knight
Sarah will explore the concept of beauty - with a focus on inner beauty, how we can learn to love ourselves, despite our background & experiences. The talk will help you to feel empowered and show you how to achieve personal growth and sisterhood.  

Announcement of the Winners of our Creative Writing competition
There will be a first and second prize for the adult competition and a first prize for the children's competition

Linda Wood - Be Careful What You Think!
Our thoughts are powerful and determine how we experience life. They affect how we feel and what we do, but the thing is they are not always our best guide! Linda will explain where thoughts come from, how they work and share some ways to take back control.  

Upstairs in the theatre:

Gary Mason Rhythmical Hand Drummers
Come along and have some fun with an African drum. Booking essential.       

Dramabuds interactive superhero drama adventure for families
Bring your super powers as we go on a mission around the world to help rescue the Queen's crown jewels. 2-8 year olds and parents.    

Are you your own worst enemy?
A mindfulness self compassion workshop, by Kathryn Lovewell of Kind Mind Academy

I bet you're really kind to others, aren't you? I bet you'd drop anything for a friend who was in need, right? As women, we are often significantly kinder to others than we are to ourselves. That's why on International Women's Day, Kathryn Lovewell, author of The Little Book of Self-Compassion and Mindful Self-Compassion teacher will give an interactive, practical workshop, helping us learn to be kinder to ourselves.     

A Self Care Challenge by Caroline Odoguw - winner of Sutton Means Business Award
In the process of smashing our goals and ticking off our to-do list we may sometimes neglect to take care of our mind and body. We can't be as effective as we should be if we neglect self-care - that's why in this session we will be exploring how to put ourselves first, through our SELF-CARE CHALLENGE. Why not join us?   

 When We Died - Theatre preview
An International Women's Day scoop! A preview of this amazing new piece of theatre before it is performed at the Vault Festival in London. He's dead, and it's her job to prepare and present his body for his family's final goodbye. She often imagines what each person's life was like. But today she doesn't have to imagine how he is. She knows him...  

Breaking the Chains Workshop - Debra Bryan
Debra is an actress who has experienced domestic abuse herself and has designed this course to empower participants to break free from their self-limiting beliefs through drama. In this workshop you will take part in fun interactive exercises, games and guided visualisations that will help build your confidence and self-esteem and leave you feeling totally empowered. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are enough.