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New Beginnings

Help us to give more ‘new beginnings’ to local Sutton women.

We all deserve a new beginning; a notion that runs deep within our veins here at Sutton Women’s Centre.
Our mission is to provide a safe, women-only space where women can access support, advice, information and education in order to develop and fulfil their potential.

How do we support local women?

Many of the women that come to us for help don’t have the ability or the confidence to start their own new beginning.
We see a whole range of issues - language difficulties, lack of basic computer skills needed to gain employment, families living in poverty or women who feel isolated from society and just need somebody to talk to.
In some of our worst cases, we see women in desperate situations suffering domestic abuse in their homes. They are referred to us from social services or their GP or sometimes they self-refer as they’ve heard about the services that we provide.
Often, these women just want a better life for themselves and their families and they just need a helping hand… somebody to give them a chance.
We currently help 1,000 women per month but we have a waiting list of those that need our help.
Although we have the resource to provide more support, we’ve run out of space and so we’re not physically able to do so.
That’s why we’ve decided to build a one-storey extension at our premises in Palmerston Road, SM1, hopefully due to take place in Autumn 2020.

How will the new space help?

We offer a wide range of services to improve the life chances of local women and each of our members can then find the best fit for them as an individual.
By extending our space, we could provide an improved foodbank for those waiting for universal credit, offer more counselling services, provide computer classes and employment help or language classes for those struggling with their English.
One of the key areas that we specialise in is domestic abuse support and our ‘Freedom Programme’ currently has a waiting list.

The Freedom Programme

The Freedom Program is our 12 week’ course geared towards victims of domestic abuse. So far we have seen more than 900 local women through the course and with increased current demand for this service, we want to help more. The aim of the course is to help women make sense of what has happened, to understand how their children may be affected, to recognise the warning signs of abuse and to help them see a better future for themselves and their children. After the Freedom Programme, we offer these women monthly support groups and one-to-one counselling to enable them to further process their feelings with the aim of helping them live their lives free of violence and abuse.

How can you help?

Our proposed extension will help us to start more ‘new beginnings’ together with more women in our borough and to put them on a path towards a brighter future.
We’re well aware that building work doesn’t come cheap and the extension is predicted to cost in the region of £60k, and so we are reaching out to you, our community, to ask for help.
Anything that you can spare would be gratefully received. Because the world is a better place when we help and support each other and there are many women in The Borough of Sutton who really could do with that support right now.
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